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October 7, 2010

Infrastructure Power Consumption

Recently I had a requirement to calculate the power consumption of servers and other devises. It was a tedious job, especially if it’s different brand, model, and spec. During that assignment I collected couple of resources to calculate the power consumption and sizing. I thought it’s useful for others also.

HP UPS and PDU Sizer –
HP Power Advisor HP Proliant G6 servers –
HP Power Calculator HP Proliant G5 servers –
HP Blade System Power Calculator –
HP Site Preparation Utility –

Sun Fire X2100 –
Sun Fire X4100 –
Sun Fire X4200 –
Sun Fire V210 and V240 –
Sun Fire T2000 –
Sun Power Calculators –

IBM Power load calculator –

Dell Power Calculator –

Cisco Power Calculator –

Energy and Power Conversion Calculator –

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