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June 7, 2011


QR is short for Quick Response. A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, calendar event, contact info (such as a vCard), email address, SMS, geo location or other information. They come to us from Japan where they are very common. It can be read by a QR code scanner, including QR scanner smart phone apps.

QR codes link offline information to online content, effectively providing additional information and even multimedia to an offline experience. If you’ve created print material that included a URL for more information, a QR code for that URL could also be added to enable smart phone users to go directly to that web page without having to type in the web address.

Your business, no matter how small or large could use QR codes in a number of ways. You might auto generate one next to every product on your web site containing all the product details, the number to call and the URL link to the page so they can show their friends on their cell phone. You could add one to your business card containing your contact details so it’s easy for someone to add you to their contacts on their cell phone.

There’s a place for QR codes in your marketing toolbox. Most of current advertisements that uses QR codes.

  • ·         QR Codes on business cards.
  • ·         Labelling.
  • ·         Storefront displays.
  • ·         Promotions, discounts and giveaways.
  • ·         Laptop stickers.
  • ·         T-shirts.
  • ·         Use QR codes to get Likes and Follows.

You can easily generate a QR code using a site like:-