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October 28, 2010

How to Organise Your Computer Files

It’s been noticed many of the people don’t know how to organise their computer files. It’s scattered across computer, many copies of same files. Back-up of back-up. During the time retrieval or when ever it’s required it’s very difficult to find. Users are losing their productive hours to this activity in daily basis. To replay a mail, or submit a report or answer a customer call. While doing an important meeting, not able to see relevant supporting docs.
If we spend some time and organise in an order, we can save a lot time and easy access of files. Different model you can organise depends which is convenient for you. Some organising categories:-
Sample 1
• Documents
• Photos
• Videos
• Music
• Mail
Sample 2
• Reports
• Customers
• Projects
• Resources
• Financials
• News Letter
• Office Mail
• Personal Mail

Once you defined your convenient category, place the files inside. As and when you receive the files or create a file keep those folders. During modifying any files, if you required only keep the old file copy. And name it properly. Version1, version2, etc. Add date depends on applicability. Its make easy take a back-up of files. For the indexing, easy search and retrieval use Microsoft index or Google desktop. I hope you have productive days ahead.