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July 17, 2011

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

In corporate environment more and more knowledge workers are using Smart Phones & Tablets. Virtualised working environment is developing. Geographically dispersed professionals are working through collaboration tools. Technologies such as Video conferencing, IP Telephony, Portal, Virtual Client, and Cloud etc.. Smart Phones & Tablets are catering the requirement to work remotely and virtually.

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

Last week I read the Toastmaster Magazine June 2011 edition. Article “Presentations TO GO!” Written by Dave Zielinski describing about couple of tools which useful for presentations and toastmaster speeches.  That is the thread I’m presenting here.

Applications which are supports smart phones & tablets. Those applications are very useful to work from smart phones & tablets. I’m listing those applications below.

  • Keynote Presentation Design Software
  • Documents to Go
  • ThinkFree Mobile
  • Prompster
  • ProPrompter
  • SpeechPrompter
  • Dragon Dictation

December 23, 2010

Cloud Infrastructure

I was reading through the could infrastructure. It’s going to change the way we work with infrastructure. For me as an infrastructure professional it’s change the environment. Very easy to build the systems. Easy access, easy disconnection and lot more change the way we manage.

My end user desk tops are from cloud. My server’s and application’s are from cloud. I will be keeping a big pipe WAN link, dump terminals, telephones, and LAN connections of these. The entire infrastructure is from cloud. Applications are browser based. All the applications are accessed through an integrated area or form a portal. All the infrastructure is managed cloud provider. Locally no server, no data, no application. More and more mobile workers. Good to see more……

Cloud Infrastructure

August 5, 2009

Cisco DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network)

DMVPN is a simple, secure, low cost, scalable VPN-Tunnel. DMVPN supports distributed applications including: data, voice, and video, with QoS. All of this can be done in a secure IPSec VPN tunnel over an Internet connection.  The only change is the IP address of the GRE Tunnel.  The spoke uses dynamic discovery of IPSec tunnel end-points, (other spokes). No IPSec static configuration for each spoke.

Because DMVPN supports multipoint GRE tunneling you can run VoIP, Video, and Multicast services across your secure DMVPN link. Hub-and-Spoke, (H&S) and Spoke-to-Spoke, (S2S). With H&S the design.

It’s a cost effective and secure communication for branch offices.


DMVPN Overview

June 11, 2009

Cyberoam Net-to-Net Connection

Cyberoam UTM device allows configuring IPSec VPN tunnels over ADSL link. The configuration based on DYN DNS service. Both the head office and branch office use ADSL link. Configure a DYN DNS address for both the sites. The configuration is very simple and straight forward.

 The advantage of this type of connection is:-

a)      Speed

b)      Less expensive

c)       Easy to get ADSL link

d)      Easy of deployment

e)      Good for branch office / small office connections

f)       Easy to manage