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October 21, 2010

TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled Gateways

By utilising TCL scripting we can make IVR in Cisco VOIP-enabled gateways. It’s a cost effective and simple way to set up IVR. Creation and editing of scripting can be done by use of FastIVR. Its GUI based solution.

Fast IVR for Cisco is a powerful tool for generating and evaluating TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled gateways. Fast IVR for Cisco enables the telecom operator to execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation without the need to remove an expensive piece of hardware from production network system. Moreover, Fast IVR for Cisco tool is infused with deep experience in developing and implementing high-capacity flexible Interactive Voice Response programs and strategies – it is the most effective and innovative tool available for customer care, contact, and communications.

IVR solution is an essential component in the marketing efforts of top-tier companies in the growing VoIP space. Our IVR solutions offer telecom operators with state-of-the-art technology, so that they can provide superior customer service and very flexible products to their expanding customer base.

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October 12, 2010

Desktops and Notebooks Operating System

It’s been quite long period people are tied with windows operating systems in desktops and notebooks. It’s user interface, installation, support of application, integration, drivers, devices, etc. Now the technology changed. People awareness changed requirement and way of access changed. This week I installed Ubuntu 10.10 in my notebook. It’s extremely awesome.

OS appearance changed, using Ubuntu font. E-mail, chat and micro blogging integrated. Installer is simple and faster. The trend shows more organisations and individuals will adapt the new OS.

September 14, 2010

Remote Support for Smart phones

Support anywhere, anytime and any device is growing. Here we discuss the smart phones support. Smart phones not free from problems and issues. Corporate deploying smart phones as a business device. As a support / service department it’s a challenge to handle the situation. Increasing trend of mobile workers. LogMeIn Rescue Mobile is web based remote support solution. LogMeIn Rescue can support Windows Mobile®, Symbian®, and BlackBerry devices in addition to PCs and Macs. Also, with our latest release customers can now remotely configure email and chat with the iPhone! The mobile add-on provides access to smart phones in seconds and helps support organizations:
• Increase first-call resolution
• Decrease handle times
• Reduce costly device returns
• Accelerate adoption of new services

August 5, 2009

Cisco DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network)

DMVPN is a simple, secure, low cost, scalable VPN-Tunnel. DMVPN supports distributed applications including: data, voice, and video, with QoS. All of this can be done in a secure IPSec VPN tunnel over an Internet connection.  The only change is the IP address of the GRE Tunnel.  The spoke uses dynamic discovery of IPSec tunnel end-points, (other spokes). No IPSec static configuration for each spoke.

Because DMVPN supports multipoint GRE tunneling you can run VoIP, Video, and Multicast services across your secure DMVPN link. Hub-and-Spoke, (H&S) and Spoke-to-Spoke, (S2S). With H&S the design.

It’s a cost effective and secure communication for branch offices.


DMVPN Overview

July 2, 2009

Cost Effective Communication

Recession gave me to start thinking about cost effective communication solution. In corporate and SMB environment communication cost is one of the major portion of operational cost. Communication can’t be avoided, so how we can reduce with using other effective solutions. Consider the legal aspects, cost of infrastructure, management, maintenance, expertise requirement.

In a run through the present office scenario, we have lot of single man office or mobile office. That too spread across. All the users required to access different services. Some of them are in house hosted or some of them are from internet. Companies are integrated the work flow through the devices. Here users are using different gadgets, laptop, soft phone, note book, Black Berry, I Phone, etc.

All the areas communication cost is an integral one. The ways of cost involved is different ways. Internet charges, telephone charges, leased line cost, ADSL cost, LAN phone cost, mobile phone cost.

Couple of Solution:-

  1. Office Communicator
  2. Open Source SIP based Unified Communication
  3. VPN over ADSL to ADSL
  4. BlackBerry

These are just high level of technologies, work each solutions depends on the size of organization, requirement, infrastructure availability, skill set. A detailed exercise required.  Out of the box, the solutions give you a major reduction in communication cost.


June 10, 2009

What is Dynamic DNS (DDNS)?

Most ISPs frequently change your computer’s IP address, using a technique called DHCP. For Internet users to access your computer, they must know your IP address — for example, when you run your own Web server, or use your router to make a VPN connection. Since the IP address changes, your Internet users will need to keep up with the changes.

DDNS solves this problem. The DDNS solution comes from companies such as and