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July 17, 2011

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

In corporate environment more and more knowledge workers are using Smart Phones & Tablets. Virtualised working environment is developing. Geographically dispersed professionals are working through collaboration tools. Technologies such as Video conferencing, IP Telephony, Portal, Virtual Client, and Cloud etc.. Smart Phones & Tablets are catering the requirement to work remotely and virtually.

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

Smart Phones & Tablets to Work

Last week I read the Toastmaster Magazine June 2011 edition. Article “Presentations TO GO!” Written by Dave Zielinski describing about couple of tools which useful for presentations and toastmaster speeches.  That is the thread I’m presenting here.

Applications which are supports smart phones & tablets. Those applications are very useful to work from smart phones & tablets. I’m listing those applications below.

  • Keynote Presentation Design Software
  • Documents to Go
  • ThinkFree Mobile
  • Prompster
  • ProPrompter
  • SpeechPrompter
  • Dragon Dictation

July 4, 2011

Cloud Client Computing

Client cloud computing offers lot of benefits to the organisation. Energy efficient (Green IT), up to date, more reliable, access anywhere, portable, mobility, cost effective, easy to deploy, easy to re-store, less management and maintenance. Client computing challenges are handled by cloud client computing.  To maintain client systems, every organisations spending good amount money. Engineers required all the sites. These challenges handled by cloud. In this category I can recommend a product Wyse.

Cloud Client Computing

Cloud Client Computing

Wyse Cloud Client Portfolio

  1. Wyse Cloud Clients
    • Wyse Thin Clients – Sophisticated. Secure. Friendly. Performance with flexible functionality.
    • Wyse Zero Clients – Simple. Secure. Stingy. Performance with dedicated functionality.
    • Cloud PCs – Familiar. Performance. Improved. The PC, only better – with centralized OS, applications, and content.
  2. Handhelds – Complete support for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets viaWyse PocketCloud, the leading Mobile Cloud Software for enterprises and consumers.
  3. Wyse Ultra-thin Firmware – Wyse ThinOSLinuxWindows CE and Windows Embedded Standard– the most comprehensive, secure, scalable and reliable cloud client firmware suite in the industry.

Wyse Cloud Software Portfolio

  1. Wyse Cloud Client Software
    • Wyse Zero™ – Cloud-based technology engine powering a new world of cloud-connected dedicated Zero Clients.
    • Wyse Mobile Cloud Software – Wyse PocketCloud, the leading cloud-based mobile app suite connecting you to your personal, private or public cloud from any handheld.
    • Wyse Cloud PC Software – Cloud-based software to cloudify your PCs, TCs, or VMs by centralizing their OS, apps and content in a private cloud.
  2. Wyse Management Software – Secure. Scalable. Cloud-centric remote device management for the extended enterprise.
  3. Wyse Virtualization Software – Delivering the best user experience and optimized performance for any cloud client deployment.

June 23, 2011

Virtual Desktop to Smartphone and Tablets

In this platform we were discussed about cloud, virtualisation, smart phones, and tablets. Knowledge workers and mobile workers are increasing in corporate environment. The main devises in use is Smartphone and Tablets. More and more companies and users are moving towards this direction. This year survey shows the PC sales slips and Smartphone sales increased.

Virtual Desktop to Smartphone and Tablets

Virtual Desktop to Smartphone and Tablets

Now we have to work for how to deliver the desktop features to smart phones and tablets. Security and application delivery are key-points. Cortado Workplace is the central hub for your mobile requirements. Whether with smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or notebook – Cortado Workplace allows round-the-clock access to your files and documents. Exchange them between devices and work on the go just as with your desktop PC. It supports all the smart phone and tablet platforms.

  • iPhone & iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Symbian

Key Features:-

  • Seamless integration of smartphones and tablets
  • Use of the existing IT infrastructure
  • One solution for all mobile plattforms
  • Maximum level of security
  • Optimal operation for each device
  • Multi-device support

June 22, 2011

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is one of the collaboration services from Google. It’s really picking up market. It allows two or more people work together on the same file at the same time in Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 on Windows PCs. For example, you can edit a Word document’s table of contents from one office while co-workers adjust formatting and make revisions from another office. Instead of bombarding each other with attachments and hassling to reconcile people’s edits, your whole team can focus on productive work together.

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

  • Simultaneous editing for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, no document or paragraph locking
  • Google Docs sharing URLs for each Microsoft Office file
  • Revision history for Microsoft Office files, stored in Google Docs
  • Offline editing with smart synchronization of offline changes
  • No Microsoft Office upgrade or SharePoint® deployment required

June 12, 2011

Riverbed Whitewater™ and Steelhead™, – Cloud Data Protection for Backup, Archive, and Disaster Recovery

Riverbed Cloud Service products, Whitewater™ and Steelhead™, enable organizations to improve their data protection and disaster recovery strategies quickly and easily. The Riverbed Whitewater™ appliance enables organizations to increase their data protection and disaster recovery strategies by moving backup data directly into cloud storage. Organizations looking to leverage cloud storage will be able to deploy Whitewater without any changes to their existing backup processes or products. Moreover, backups moved into the cloud will be de duplicated in-line, reducing overall bandwidth and cloud storage requirements, and the data will be secured at rest, as well as in flight to the cloud, making cloud storage, cloud backup, and cloud archive an integral part of an organization’s data protection strategy.

Key Whitewater Benefits:

  • Reduce disaster recover costs with cloud data protection
  • Meet accelerated recovery SLAs
  • Simplify off-site data storage for DR
  • Secure offsite data
  • Deploy with no change to existing backup infrastructure


Cloud Steelhead™

Cloud Steelhead™ offers the same WAN optimization functionality you’ve come to know and trust, in a form factor that’s much better suited for public cloud environments. It completely interoperates with Steelhead® appliances, Virtual Steelhead™, and Steelhead Mobile™ clients.

Cloud Steelhead includes tools that allow for instant deployment and easy cloning of instances. It also has a uniquely advanced model for intercepting traffic in the cloud. In addition, a new portal allows for easy management and licensing, and instant upgrades of cloud Steelhead instances.

Key benefits of Cloud Steelhead:

  • Instant deployment
  • Simple, portal-based management
  • Elastic sizing and easy cloning
  • Advanced cloud interception
  • Cloud-like pricing model

June 9, 2011

Bonita – Open Source BPM

Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modelling, a powerful BPM & Workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface.

Bonita Studio meets the challenge of standard Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) with a simple, intuitive and graphical solution.

Bonita Studio comes with 100+ built in and contributed connectors – for many commonly used commercial and open-source databases, messaging, ERP, CRM, ECM and more. If the connector you need isn’t already there, it’s easy to add new ones with Bonita Studio’s connector creator.

Drag & drop widgets – text inputs, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and more – to create user forms corresponding to the interactive steps of your process. Optimize the form display in a few clicks, and import templates to customize to your own corporate look-and-feel.

Designed to be as usable as an e-mail inbox, the Bonita User Experience portal provides an easy way to manage your daily tasks easily and follow up your overall activity at a glance.


Some of the leading Open Source Solutions:-

1.  Bonita – Open Source Business Process Management & Workflow

2.  SugarCRM – Open Source Business and Social CRM

3.  Alfresco – Open Source Enterprise Content Management System

4.  Liferay – Open Source Portal and Collaboration Software

5.  Clear OS – Open Source Network, Gateway & Server Platform

6.  dotProject – Open Source Project Management Software

7.  Openbravo – Open Source Point of Sale Retail

8.  Openbravo – Open Source ERP

9.  OpenMRS – Open Source Health IT

10.Openelms – Open Source e-learning for business

June 9, 2011

Microsoft Tag

Exploring QR Codes, my friend Mr. Nick informed me about the MS Tag. Now the Industry is growing rapidly. The beauty of Tag and the volume of information we can keep inside is huge. It’s extremely attractive. An excellent marketing tool. The outcome is high and the design is simple.

Microsoft Tag is a new kind of bar code that connects almost anything in the real world to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on your mobile phone. Tags are free to create and use. You can add them to your ads, posters, product packages, display it on your website, billboards, clothing…the list is endless. When you scan a Tag using the free Tag Reader application on your mobile phone, it will automatically open a webpage, add a contact to your address book, display a message, or dial a number – there are no long URLs to type or SMS messages to send.

Anyone can create Tags for free. And unlike other kinds of bar codes, Tags are fully customizable. You can create your Tags in black and white or colourful Tags that visually represent your business or personal brand in a spectacular manner.

Here are a few reasons to use Microsoft Tag:

  • Call-to-action – Use Tag as a direct response marketing tool for print campaigns; Tags automatically integrate print advertising with mobile devices.
  • Manage the customer experience – Use Tags to link to a mobile website or video; on a business card to instantly add someone to your address book; dial a phone number; or display a free message.
  • Advanced Analytics – Measure campaign effectiveness with enhanced reporting, such as the number of scans of a particular Tag over time and by geographic location. You can also group several Tags together to measure performance.
  • Single Reader – The Tag Reader runs on all major phone platforms and is downloaded from a single site. Every Microsoft Tag can be scanned by the Tag Reader, cutting down on consumer confusion from incompatible solutions.
  • Maintain brand identity – Using Custom Tags, it’s easy to customize the look of a Tag to reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Adaptable size – Tag’s small size allows you to maximize the information delivered to customers without taking up a lot of real estate in your printed materials and visual media forms.
  • Reliable reads – The Tag Reader overcomes limited camera phone optics, resolution and processing power to deliver a consistently high user experience across multiple devices and platform types.
  • Link to your mobile app – App Download Tags make it easier for users to download your mobile app, saving them the time of searching for it in app marketplaces.
June 8, 2011

Digital ants protect critical infrastructure

Wake Forest University security expert developed “digital ants” to protect critical networks; unlike traditional security approaches, which are static, digital ants wander through computer networks looking for threats such as computer worms, self-replicating programs designed to steal information or facilitate unauthorized use of computers; when a digital ant detects a threat, it summons an army of ants to converge at that location, drawing the attention of human operators to investigate

“The idea is to deploy thousands of different types of digital ants, each looking for evidence of a threat,” Fulp said. “As they move about the network, they leave digital trails modeled after the scent trails ants in nature use to guide other ants. Each time a digital ant identifies some evidence, it is programmed to leave behind a stronger scent. Stronger scent trails attract more ants, producing the swarm that marks a potential computer infection.”

The concept has proven successful in testing on a small scale, but will it still work when it’s scaled up to protect something as large and complex as the nation’s power grid? Fulp and two of his students — computer science graduate students Michael Crouse and Jacob White — are working this summer with scientists at PNNL and from the University of California at Davis to answer that question. Even using PNNL’s vast computer platforms, they can only rely on computer simulations to predict the ants’ “behavior” up to a point.

“In nature, we know that ants defend against threats very successfully,” Fulp said. “They can ramp up their defense rapidly, and then resume routine behavior quickly after an intruder has been stopped. We’re trying to achieve that same framework in a computer system.”

May 26, 2011

Xen Virtual Desktop

One of the latest trends in business desktops are virtual desktop. Citrix Xen desktop playing major role here. It delivers any desktop, any user and any location. In today’s business environment mobile employees are more. Where ever user moves he gets all the access. Managing or setting up small offices with physical desktops are highly expensive. This is one of the challenges addressed by virtual desktops. Power and cooling requirement. Earlier the delivery quality and speed of virtual desktops was bad. Now the access speeds increased, delivery quality matured. Antivirus, patch management, deployment of new applications, setting up of new work stations. These are the areas we have major savings. Once we deploy virtual desktops. Virtual desktops accessible from laptop, smart phones and other smart devises. This is one of the major IT cost saving technology.