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June 9, 2011

Bonita – Open Source BPM

Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modelling, a powerful BPM & Workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface.

Bonita Studio meets the challenge of standard Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) with a simple, intuitive and graphical solution.

Bonita Studio comes with 100+ built in and contributed connectors – for many commonly used commercial and open-source databases, messaging, ERP, CRM, ECM and more. If the connector you need isn’t already there, it’s easy to add new ones with Bonita Studio’s connector creator.

Drag & drop widgets – text inputs, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and more – to create user forms corresponding to the interactive steps of your process. Optimize the form display in a few clicks, and import templates to customize to your own corporate look-and-feel.

Designed to be as usable as an e-mail inbox, the Bonita User Experience portal provides an easy way to manage your daily tasks easily and follow up your overall activity at a glance.


Some of the leading Open Source Solutions:-

1.  Bonita – Open Source Business Process Management & Workflow

2.  SugarCRM – Open Source Business and Social CRM

3.  Alfresco – Open Source Enterprise Content Management System

4.  Liferay – Open Source Portal and Collaboration Software

5.  Clear OS – Open Source Network, Gateway & Server Platform

6.  dotProject – Open Source Project Management Software

7.  Openbravo – Open Source Point of Sale Retail

8.  Openbravo – Open Source ERP

9.  OpenMRS – Open Source Health IT

10.Openelms – Open Source e-learning for business

June 9, 2011

Microsoft Tag

Exploring QR Codes, my friend Mr. Nick informed me about the MS Tag. Now the Industry is growing rapidly. The beauty of Tag and the volume of information we can keep inside is huge. It’s extremely attractive. An excellent marketing tool. The outcome is high and the design is simple.

Microsoft Tag is a new kind of bar code that connects almost anything in the real world to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on your mobile phone. Tags are free to create and use. You can add them to your ads, posters, product packages, display it on your website, billboards, clothing…the list is endless. When you scan a Tag using the free Tag Reader application on your mobile phone, it will automatically open a webpage, add a contact to your address book, display a message, or dial a number – there are no long URLs to type or SMS messages to send.

Anyone can create Tags for free. And unlike other kinds of bar codes, Tags are fully customizable. You can create your Tags in black and white or colourful Tags that visually represent your business or personal brand in a spectacular manner.

Here are a few reasons to use Microsoft Tag:

  • Call-to-action – Use Tag as a direct response marketing tool for print campaigns; Tags automatically integrate print advertising with mobile devices.
  • Manage the customer experience – Use Tags to link to a mobile website or video; on a business card to instantly add someone to your address book; dial a phone number; or display a free message.
  • Advanced Analytics – Measure campaign effectiveness with enhanced reporting, such as the number of scans of a particular Tag over time and by geographic location. You can also group several Tags together to measure performance.
  • Single Reader – The Tag Reader runs on all major phone platforms and is downloaded from a single site. Every Microsoft Tag can be scanned by the Tag Reader, cutting down on consumer confusion from incompatible solutions.
  • Maintain brand identity – Using Custom Tags, it’s easy to customize the look of a Tag to reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Adaptable size – Tag’s small size allows you to maximize the information delivered to customers without taking up a lot of real estate in your printed materials and visual media forms.
  • Reliable reads – The Tag Reader overcomes limited camera phone optics, resolution and processing power to deliver a consistently high user experience across multiple devices and platform types.
  • Link to your mobile app – App Download Tags make it easier for users to download your mobile app, saving them the time of searching for it in app marketplaces.