TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled Gateways

By utilising TCL scripting we can make IVR in Cisco VOIP-enabled gateways. It’s a cost effective and simple way to set up IVR. Creation and editing of scripting can be done by use of FastIVR. Its GUI based solution.

Fast IVR for Cisco is a powerful tool for generating and evaluating TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled gateways. Fast IVR for Cisco enables the telecom operator to execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation without the need to remove an expensive piece of hardware from production network system. Moreover, Fast IVR for Cisco tool is infused with deep experience in developing and implementing high-capacity flexible Interactive Voice Response programs and strategies – it is the most effective and innovative tool available for customer care, contact, and communications.

IVR solution is an essential component in the marketing efforts of top-tier companies in the growing VoIP space. Our IVR solutions offer telecom operators with state-of-the-art technology, so that they can provide superior customer service and very flexible products to their expanding customer base.

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