Cisco DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network)

DMVPN is a simple, secure, low cost, scalable VPN-Tunnel. DMVPN supports distributed applications including: data, voice, and video, with QoS. All of this can be done in a secure IPSec VPN tunnel over an Internet connection.  The only change is the IP address of the GRE Tunnel.  The spoke uses dynamic discovery of IPSec tunnel end-points, (other spokes). No IPSec static configuration for each spoke.

Because DMVPN supports multipoint GRE tunneling you can run VoIP, Video, and Multicast services across your secure DMVPN link. Hub-and-Spoke, (H&S) and Spoke-to-Spoke, (S2S). With H&S the design.

It’s a cost effective and secure communication for branch offices.


DMVPN Overview

2 Comments to “Cisco DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network)”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Is there any tutorial for setting up this?


  2. Hi Abdul

    We are an engineering design services company,

    We specialise in the provisioning of software used in design of pipe work and equipment

    Within industries like water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and to a lesser extent oil and gas.

    We would like to make our system available to clients globally, do you have any engineering clients interested in your distribution system, if so we could partner in this.


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