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July 2, 2009

Cost Effective Communication

Recession gave me to start thinking about cost effective communication solution. In corporate and SMB environment communication cost is one of the major portion of operational cost. Communication can’t be avoided, so how we can reduce with using other effective solutions. Consider the legal aspects, cost of infrastructure, management, maintenance, expertise requirement.

In a run through the present office scenario, we have lot of single man office or mobile office. That too spread across. All the users required to access different services. Some of them are in house hosted or some of them are from internet. Companies are integrated the work flow through the devices. Here users are using different gadgets, laptop, soft phone, note book, Black Berry, I Phone, etc.

All the areas communication cost is an integral one. The ways of cost involved is different ways. Internet charges, telephone charges, leased line cost, ADSL cost, LAN phone cost, mobile phone cost.

Couple of Solution:-

  1. Office Communicator
  2. Open Source SIP based Unified Communication
  3. VPN over ADSL to ADSL
  4. BlackBerry

These are just high level of technologies, work each solutions depends on the size of organization, requirement, infrastructure availability, skill set. A detailed exercise required.  Out of the box, the solutions give you a major reduction in communication cost.