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June 30, 2009

Data Center Remote Monitoring

Keep updated the status of data center equipments is a challenge for data center owners. Especially we are using multi vendor products. The critical data center physical infrastructures like CCU, UPS, Cooling, Fire, Raw Power, and Generator. There couple of high end sophisticated technologies available in the market. Considering the cost and effectiveness of the solution, we can build cost effective monitoring systems. The devices talk all the physical infrastructure products and collect the alert and generate voice call to 4 different numbers. The call ends until someone acknowledges the call. The auto dialer solutions available in the market, it’s very simple and easy to manage. The beauty of the product is, we get different alarm message counts. If we want to monitor devices, four alarm message device, like that. The requirements to set up the solution are a analog telephone line, auto dialer device, volt free contact connectivity from all the physical devices. Whenever any devices have failure, the auto dialer generates call to phone numbers and play the pre-recorded message.

It’s a cost effective, easy manage and robust solution for data center monitoring.