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June 22, 2009

Portable Storage in Office

Now day’s companies facing a big challenge to handle the portable storages. There are several storages carrying by employees, different means and different mode.

a)      Mobile Phone

b)      IPOD

c)      BlackBerry

d)      Flash Memory

e)      USB Hard Disk

f)       Camera

g)      MP3 Player

h)      E-Book Reader

i)        Photo Displayer

j)        Other Gadgets

All the devices are having GB / TB capacity storage. Employees can move data across or bring the security threat to organization. All the devices support different ways of communication.

a)      Wireless

b)      Bluetooth

c)      Infrared

d)      Card Reader

We have to set up different mechanism to handle each of these. Security is more complex and complex in coming days.

June 22, 2009

Drive Offline in NetBackup

The drive will go offline in NetBackup frequently, due to the proper driver installation. This is one of the reasons of drive going offline. We have to install the Symantec Device Driver.

Symantec Device Drivers for Veritas NetBackup ™ Windows Servers –